Overturning traditions, handy in cooking forever

Unconventional look, leading technology, perfect your cooking experience

Originality meets the unique beauty of contemporary design

Instead of the traditional circular shape, LOHAS burner caps have a unique ridge that creates a designer feel. The two silver rings around the burner are unique and eye-catching, imparting the kitchen with a unique and spirited air. Make your kitchen a plaes worthy of entertaining guests while highlighting your unique taste.

Redefines classic by revolutionizing tradition

When making a meal for a loved one's special day, steak is naturally a first choice. Yet making a fresh, tender and delicious steak is a skill in itself. FOTILE's LOHAS series uses breakthrough technology to help you achieve the desired taste. A steady flame and precision controls ensure that your steak is prepared quickly and evenly.

Excellence derived from understanding

A good experience not only means better cooking, but also means easily cleaning up. A good experience not only means strong fire, but also means easy operation. FOTILE stoves use the best materials for cooking for a more user-friendly experience based on the highest quality.

Super alloy panel

Fingerprint-proof and easy to clean

High-performance knob controls

Stays cool as temperature rises and won't burn hands even after prolonged use

LOHAS Series