Full fire power, cook unlimited delicacy

Full fire power, cook unlimited delicacy

FOTILE EPS series Hob, efficient with direct injector, high heat stir-frying, stable fire soup stewing, saving time and effort, FOTILE technology can meet all your demands for delicacy cooking

Enter FOTILE EPS Series

Core Technology

  • Heating Load

    * 52 super large fire holes,strong enough;
    * Air inlet holes, keep sufficient air supply, stable combustion;
    * 40° fire angle and stable fire rings, strong but stable

  • Heating Efficiency

    * Pantent JCT Technology,heating efficiency ≥ 60%;
    * Particular pre-mix space design, sufficient mixture and less gas pressure fluctuation;
    * U5 high pressure injector, uniform pressure

  • Safety

    * 12 safety guarantees, safe cooking

  • Clean

    * Removable cleaning cup, simply clean;
    * Piano design, simple and elegant


Certification CE,SAI,PSB,ETL
Product size
Built-in size
Gas type LPG/NG
Gas pressure (kPa) 2.75/1.0
Heating Load (MJ/h) L:15.5 M:5.35 R:15.5(LPG)/ L:16.5 M:6 R:16.5(NG)
Zone Diameter(mm) /
Knob cylindrical plastic knob
Grate cast iron
Net weight (kg) 12.2
Gross weight (kg) 14.4
Carton Size L*W*H(mm) 880*520*210

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