Frequently asked questions in the process of the use of FOTILE Products, provide you with the most detailed answers.
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How to correctly install the electric ovens?

(1) Electrical requirements: dedicated 2.5 square meteror higher electric line;

(2) Kitchen requirements: All materials (wood and adhesive) used in cabinets coming into contact with the oven must be heat resistant to temperatures above 120℃;

(3) To maintain rear ventilation, retain a distance of 45mm between the back of the oven and the wall.

What shall I do if there is too much moisture when I make steak by the electric ovens?

There is too much water when making steak in the oven. It is recommended that users should first use kitchen paper to dry the steak as much as possible before roasting it in the oven.

Can canned food/nuts be heated with the electric ovens?

The electric ovens can heat canned food with opened cover in high temperature resistant container. Canned food with cover unopened cannot be heated in the Electric Ovens, as the pressure surge in the sealed can will cause explosion, resulting in harm or damage. For nuts, such as chestnuts, it is necessary to cut the shell open with a knife before roasting it.

How can I operate the electric ovens for the first time?

(1)During the initial use of the oven, an unusual smell may occur. This is due to the heating and evaporation of material on the oven's surface used to protect the oven while in the warehouse.

(2)During the first use of the oven after installation, we recommend setting the temperature to the highest setting (making sure there is no food inside the oven first) for half an hour. Afterward, open the stove and exhaust air out of the room.

Do I need to tear off the film on the range hood's decoration cover?

After installing the range hood, remove the protective film. If the film is removed after already using the range hood, evenness of coloration may be affected and the glue from the protective film will be difficult to remove from the stainless steel finish.

What is the difference to bake in different layers under the same temperature and time?

You can choose where to put the food according to your favorite taste. Some people like it to be deep roasted, while others like it to be just tender.

If you need to grill food that is colored quickly, for example: chicken wings, steak and other meat, it is suggested that you put it in the middle or upper layer.

If you need to grill food that is colored slowly, for example: macarons, cake, bread and other pastries, it is suggested that you put it in the lower layer.

For other dishes, it is suggested that normally they can be put in the middle layer.

What doesn't the pause button of the electric ovens work?

The pause button only works in the running and baking process of the electric ovens.

The electric ovens has not been cleaned for a long time. Then one day when I want to clean it, I cannot wipe off the oil stain. What shall I do?

It is suggested that the electric ovens should be cleaned immediately after use. If it is not cleaned for a long time and the grease cannot be wiped off, put certain amount of boiled water with a metal container into the oven and turn on the oven. When the water vapor softens the grease, it will be easier to clean.

How can I handle it if there is water stain in the door of the electric ovens?

It is suggested to set the oven to above 180 degrees and roast over a period of time, and the moisture will be evaporated.

When I cook potato food in the Electric Ovens, the potato food becomes dry. How can I handle it?

It is suggested that potatoes shall be wrapped with tin foil to avoid loss of water, as it takes a long time to bake potato. It is also applicable to reduce the baking temperature, and prolong the baking time for potato.

What shall not be used when cleaning the electric ovens?

(1)Corrosive cleaner, such as powdered detergent and paste detergents;

(2)Sharp metal tools;

(3)Oven spray.

Is 10A socket applicable for the hood?

It is acceptable.