Frequently asked questions in the process of the use of FOTILE Products, provide you with the most detailed answers.
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In the ignition, the cooktop is pattering with faint spark. It is hard to ignite or cannot be ignited at all.Why does the cooktop give out the alarm tone?

This situation occurs when the battery will soon lose power. A slow repetitive sound and faint sparking may occur and we recommend replacing the battery. We recommend changing the battery on FOTILE appliances once a year. The battery box is located on the underside of the appliance and takes a D size battery.

Why do I feel it is difficult to ignite when I use FOTILE cooktop for the first time?

In the ignition process, many new users usually let it go as soon as they see sparks, resulting in the low success rate of ignition. It is suggested that in the operation, the user should press the button down in place and rotate it to the left, hold until the pattering sound is heard, continue for 2-3 seconds, and the ignition success rate will be improved.

The following two reasons may also cause such situation:

(1) There is a lot of residual gas in the pipe, please try to ignite it a few more times. 【After the change of new gas container, you can also follow this method in operation.】

(2) The fire cover is not positioned accurately. It is recommended that you should check if the fire cover is placed on the flat position, if it is closed, and if the protective umbrella is aiming at the ignition needle.

How to take care of the cocoktop?

When cleaning the cooktop panel, use neutral and non-corrosive cleanser for the burner. If the stainless steel panel is contaminated, it shall be cleaned with wet soft cloth timely with neutral detergent.

Burner's moveable parts, such as the copper fire cover, shall be cleaned often with hot water and neutral detergent. Remove the sintered lumps and wipe it dry with cloth before use.

It is strictly prohibited to use steel wool to clean the cooktop panel, so as to avoid scratching the panel.

The opening for the cooktop is square without arc. Can the cooktop be installed directly?

It can be installed. But firstly for the purpose of aesthetics, and secondly as the surrounding of the cooktop will bear load, the square angle is easy to crack after long time use. Hence it is suggested to open the hold matching angle of FOTILE cooktop.

What shall I do if the cooktop goes off as soon as I let go?

Remove pan support and burner cap to see the two needles at the center of the stove. The white needle is the igniter and the yellow copper needle is the thermocouple. If the thermocouple becomes dirty or damp, it can effect the ability to ignite the flame. We recommend using a dry rag or paper towel to wipe the thermocouple.

Why is the cooktop only partially ignited, or only the inner ring ignited instead of the outer ring?

The partial ignition occurs usually because after using for a long time, the oil stains and food residue blocks the fire hole. No ignition at the external fire cover is usually because of flash slot jamming. Take a clean too will be solved.

How long is the ignition time range of the cooktop normal?

Ignition time of 10 seconds or less is normal.

Can I change the gas source of the cooktop as will?

Do not casually modify or replace with different gas source or nozzles. If a change of gas source is required, please consult the local after-sales service hotline.

The position of the range hood plate listing the product number

Side Suction/European style: Top of the left case body, Chinese style: Right side of the range hood.