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What are the techniques to steam dishes with the steam oven?

As there is water vapor inside the steam oven when steaming food, it is suggested to cover the vessel with plastic wrap, so as to ensure that the cooked dishes have balanced moisture and well-controlled taste.

What are the techniques to use the steam over for fermentation?

(1) Temperature set to 40℃ requires 50 minutes to an hour of fermenting ;

(2) Temperature set to 45℃~50℃ requires 30 to 40 minutes of fermenting ;

(3) Seal utensils with plastic wrap when placing in the steam oven or oven.

Place into steam oven directly. The oven requires a bowl of water be placed near the side of the utensil to prevent scorching. During spring and fall, follow the times outlined above. During the winter, we recommend adding 2-5 minutes fermenting time because the room is cooler. As the room is warmer during the summer,there is no need to place within the steam oven or oven, as fermenting can take place in the outside environment. If needed, follow the instructions for spring and fall outlined above.

How to set the timing when I steam pasta in the steam oven?

The 10 minutes steaming time for the steamed bun as instructed in the menue is applicable for the frozen bun or dumpling purchased from supermarket. If the bun or dumpling is made by users themselves, it is recommended to keep the size of each bun or dumpling consistent, and extend the cooking time appropriately for 5-10 minutes.

What amp is the power cord of the steam oven?

10A socket.

How long does the fan continue working after the steam oven stops working?

As the steam oven has the fan cooling function, the fan will continue working after the steam oven timing is up so as to reduce the internal temperature of the steam oven. The operating time is 20 minutes, and it will stop automatically after 20 minutes.

What are the differences for steam oven with preheated or non preheated food?

Choose according to your own tastes and preferences to decide whether to put in the dishes after preheating. Dishes cooked usually have good taste after being preheated by steam oven. The color is bright and the moisture is just right, while non preheating dishes are relatively ripe, with more moisture and deeper color.

What is installation requirement for steam oven?

It requires 2.5mm² electric wire and a distance of 45mm from the back of the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet should be heat resistant to temperatures above 100℃. Keep away from heat sources, gas lines, ethyl alcohol and other flammable substances.

How to clean the water tank of the steam oven?

01/C2: Turn off power source, remove water tank and add hot water (around 60℃) until reaching the fill line. Remove electric steaming box and add a packet of specialized detergent to the water tank. Soak for 3-5 minutes (a longer soaking time yields better results). Until water scaling is completely dissolved, thoroughly rinse the inner walls of the water tank two times. This completes the process of removing water scaling from the water tank.