Frequently asked questions in the process of the use of FOTILE Products, provide you with the most detailed answers.
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There is sound (or wind outlet) after it stops working. And it runs automatically after the door is opened. What is the matter?

This is the fan cooling function working. The fan will continue working for 2 more minutes.

Why does the screen go out after being powered on? / Why does the screen go out after being powered on after the microwave oven is not operated for a period of time?

In the perspective of energy saving, it can save electricity.

How to eliminate the odd smell of the microwave oven?

(1)Put a few pieces of lemon (or a few teaspoons of lemon juice) in the oven, and use high power microwave mode to cook for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

(2)Put a cup of black tea in the oven, and use high power to heat for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

(3)Put some orange peels in the furnace, and use high power to heat for 1 minute.

What amp is the power cord of the microwave oven?


What are the choices of materials applied for microwave oven?

The following four types of materials:
a. Glass b. Ceramic c. Plastic d. Film

What happens when there is flame and white smoke occurring in the microwave oven?

There are three possibilities:

(1)Barbecue grills are used in the microwave mode. The barbecue grill shall be used in the barbecue mode, instead of microwave mode.

(2)Metal containers are used in the microwave mode. Metal containers or non high-temperature resistant containers shall not be used in microwave mode.

(3)There is too much oil stains in the inner tank of the microwave oven. And it is suggested to clean up the oil stains.

What are the installation conditions for the microwave oven?

Microwave oven must be placed flat in the ventilated, dry and non-corrosive environment and kept away from heat and steam.

Microwave oven shall be kept away from television, radio and microwave antenna (generally more than 5 meters), otherwise it will generate interference.

FOTILE microwave power supply system must be used independently, or it may blow out the fuse. It is recommended to use fuse above 10A (amp). The plug must be plugged into the earthed socket.

What are the cleaning steps for the microwave oven?

(1) It is required to cut off the power before cleaning;

(2) Clean the microwave surface: Use a piece of cloth to clean with detergent and warm water. Do not use corrosive detergent and cleaning utensils;

(3) Clean the oven door: Use warm and wet cloth to wipe the door, glasses and both sides of the door and glass, the sealer and adjacent parts. Do not use corrosive detergent;

(4)Be careful when cleaning the control panel. Do not use too much water. Use soft cloth with just the right amount of water to wipe. No scratching. And do not use corrosive cleaner.

What are the requirements of the microwave ovens for vessel materials?

(a) The microwave possesses highest microwave permeability

(b) Heat restistant to temperatures in excess of 248℉

(c) No harmful substances escape while using the microwave