FOTILE Style Cooking officially released


Recently, FOTILE, the high-end kitchen appliance leader, officially released the first high-end lifestyle O2O social platform in Chinese home appliance industry – FOTILE Style Cooking, officially launching the new era of traditional home appliance internet +.

FOTILE Style Cooking platform includes two parts, online and offline, among which the online part, the mobile client FOTILE APP cooking class has started on-line testing in late 2014.

By FOTILE Style Cooking’s main online service platform – FOTILE Cooking Class App, the users can experience a variety of high-quality life experience mainly in gourmet cooking from online to offline one-stop experience offered by FOTILE. Overall speaking, FOTILE Style Cooking has provided a social space for people who love cooking, food and life by creating online and offline integrated high-end lifestyle community of fans, to share the joys of life, and create a scenario experiential marketing environment for product sales.